Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainable living is as much a corporate responsibility as an aware individual’s. We understand that our business of creation, broadcast and distribution of content needs to be in sync with today’s environmental needs. To that end, we ensure that our systems and processes are constantly reviewed and best practices implemented to help us towards our goal of becoming carbon neutral.

Commitment to Sustainability

Caring for the Environment

‘ZEE Is Green’ is an initiative that is focused on developing the next generation of production practices that put people and profits in sync with the planet. With this initiative, we aspire to translate our environmental commitment into action.

      • Goal

        To become a carbon neutral organisation by 2020

    • Mission of ‘ZEE Is Green’

      Raise awareness about sustainability amongst employees

      Build capacity to implement green initiatives

      Foster the widespread adoption of economically viable, environmentally restorative and socially constructive processes

    Our Green Actions

    Our Green Action


    Bottles diverted from going to landfill from production facilities


    Kgs of wet waste converted to manure


    batteries diverted from going into landfill by using rechargable batteries

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